Dr Matthew with his rescue "niece" Roberta (A 5 year old Cavalier Fox Terrier Cross) 

Dr Matthew with his rescue "niece" Roberta (A 5 year old Cavalier Fox Terrier Cross) 


Achieve Animal Wellness (Formerly known as Trublu Honest Animal Health) was founded in 2012 by Dr Matthew Joseph Muir BVSc/BVetBiol (Hons) MRCVS. 

Matthew is an experienced integrative veterinary surgeon who has worked in a veterinary capacity in Australia, Singapore, England and Kenya.

He currently consults at All Natural Vet Care in Sydney, Australia but is also available to clients globally on food development, conservation medicine, herd health and companion animal medicine.

"I want to set an example of how I can make the industry I work in more sustainable whilst empowering people to make more educated consumer decisions across other industries."

Dr Matthew J Muir

We are very excited to share that we are currently curating evidence based animal health content available free, working with partners to make ethical products accessible to you as well as developing our own innovative and ethical health products.

We appreciate that there are hundreds of new diets and diet-related supplements released annually, each one promising to embrace the latest innovative concepts in pet nutrition, but allow clinical experience guide you in making educated decisions to allow you to have the best for your pets.

Many products can have suboptimal effects on animal’s health, whilst others may be unsustainable or unethical based on the ingredients, manufacturing and labour markets employed.

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